Aimée García Marrero



2014-2017, Videoinstallation

In her work Rewind, Cuban artist Aimée García Marrero shows an old woman knitting a tangle of wool into a red blanket and a young woman who unravels the blanket back into a tangle. In this case, »rewind« can be understood as either »wind again« or »reverse«. One hundred years after the October Revolution in Russia, the red flag is unravelled, but each ball simultaneously offers material for a new flag, a new beginning. The red flag turns into a red thread: dissolution, transformation and re-organization.

Aimée García Marrero, born 1972 in Matanzas, Cuba, lives and works in Havana. Her works has been shown at the Cuban Pavilion Biennale di Venezia (2017), on Broadway Plaza near Times Square, New York (2016) and at Kunsthalle Rostock (2016) among others.