Angela Richter


I thought we were an Army, but now I'm only one

2017, Hologramme

Director Angela Richter presents previously unreleased material from her interviews with whistle-blower Julian Assange, conducted in 2015 in his exile at the Ecuadorian embassy in London: The ghost is present. The artist began conducting
interviews with Julian Assange in 2011. After he published US military intelligence on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the whistle-blower and former spokesman
of WikiLeaks became a symbol of opposition to state cover-ups and a lack of transparency. The vehemence directed against Assange reveals the extent of the impact of his revelations.

Based on SUPERNERDS – Ein Überwachungsabend (An evening of surveillance) from Schauspiel Köln, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion and WDR. With the generous support of the Wau Holland Stiftung and gebrueder beetz filmproduktion.

Angela Richter, born 1970 in Ravensburg, has her roots in Croatia. Today she lives and works in Berlin. From 2013–2015 she was director in residence at Cologne’s theatre. She’s also been increasingly involved with the topic of »digital surveillance«. Supernerds, an evening of theatre, was performed in May 2015 and broadcast in parallel
on radio and television. Richter also works as a writer.