Die Anti-Humboldt Box


Die Anti-Humboldt Box

2013, Installation

Vis à vis the now nearly-completed Humboldt Forum, the Anti-Humboldt Box is exhibited as part of the 3. Berliner Herbstsalon in an expanded version with contributions by: Lotte Arndt, Andrea and Matei Bellu, Peju Layiwola, Johannes Paul Raether, Françoise Vergès, Christian von Borries and others. As part of the campaign No Humboldt 21! in 2013, artefacts // anti-humboldt and AFROTAK TV cyberNomads, together with Malte Jaguttis, Pierre Maite and Andreas Siekmann, developed the Anti-Humboldt Box to make their criticism of the Berlin Humboldt-Forum restoration project mobile in the most literal sense and collect arguments from a postcolonial, African diasporic and artistic perspective.

Artefacts// Anti-Humboldt (Brigitta Kuster, Regina Sarreiter, Dierk Schmidt) was founded in 2008. Part of their most recent interventions was the transnational research and art project Artificial Facts. AFROTAK TV CYBERNOMADS (Adetoun & Michael Küppers-Adebisi) is an afrogerman archive for media, culture and education and organises for the UN-Decade: Black Berlin Biennale (No Amnesty on Genocide) und DOCUMENTA Africana Germanica (Nothing About us Without Us).