Elske Rosenfeld


Ein bisschen eine komplexe Situation und Die Verfassung lesen

2014, und 2010, Videoinstallation

On December 7th 1989, two months into the East German revolution, the »Central Round Table« formally brought together members of the new movements with state representatives for the first time. One of their declared tasks was to write a new Constitution for the GDR. Rosenfeld’s installation investigates a scene in which the meeting is interrupted by a demonstration outside. Her interventions into the footage intensify the movements of the assembled bodies and unsettle notions of inside and outside, language and body, representation and embodiment. In April 1990, the Round Table published its Draft Constitution. On August 31st 1990 the German Unification Treaty was signed by depities of the FRG and GDR in the Kronprinzenpalais, consigning the ideas of the revolutionaries to historical oblivion.

Artist Talk on 25/November

Elske Rosenfeld, born 1974 in Halle (Saale), is based in Berlin. Her works have been featured in international exhibitions including in mumok kino, Vienna (2016), steirischer herbst festival, Graz (2015), Devi Art Foundation, Delhi (2013) and Former West, Utrecht (2010).