Johannes Paul Raether


Das Rosenmädchen mit den Schwefelrosen [Version 3.6.1] – Widerbelebung

2017, Sculpture and Performance

»Along Under the Linden through PrussianDisney, among the painstakingly prettified war ruins, the rose maiden meanders – a lemon-yellow flaking, undead young girl, eternally condemned to exorcise the continual repetition of reunification rituals. She has been dormant since 2011, exhausted by the heroic neo-liberal clamour of the centre’s extremists. Guttenberg’s soldiers and Schäuble’s external borders were already themes in the epic tales of European integration back then: »Europe is a Cage« they roared and their wars were JOLLY and far away. Now, years later, as the neo-liberal nationalist fruit has ripened from its seed, a new undead being, an up-dated form of itself, continues to graft the buds of the pennants of identity. Today this being is accompanied by the rotting fruits of the Höckes and Storchs, Sarrazin-like tales and the oxidation of their heraldic staffs to the re-birth of sulphurous rose cultivation.« Johannes Paul Raether

Johannes Paul Raether lives and works in Berlin. His practice traverses various platforms in Performing and Visual Arts as well as in the Humanities by the way of his SelfSisters (alter egos), which emerge at various sites in public and corporate spaces. Exhibitions include a.o. in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2017), transmediale, Berlin (2017), the 9th Berlin Biennale (2016) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2016).