Norbert Bisky


Untitled (Franz Marc)

2017, Skulptur

Der Turm der Bauen Pferde is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Expressionism and was presented to the public as part of the Deutschen Herbstsalon in 1913. In 1936 it was transferred to the Degenerate Art exhibition. Afterwards Göring put the painting and other works up for sale, but it was never sold. According to various testimonies, Der Turm der Blauen Pferde survived World War II, but it’s been considered missing up to the present day. Norbert Bisky re-painted the lost painting. But the moment of re-creation didn’t last long: after it’s completion, the artist himself damaged it. Now Bisky’s work is on display in the Kronprinzenpalais, where Der Turm der Blauen Pferde was shown until 1936. That same year, 60 avant-garde works of art were burned in the basement of the Kronprinzenpalais on the Gestapo’s orders.

Norbert Bisky, born 1970 in Leipzig, is based in Berlin. Biskys paintings have been featured in various international galleries and museums such as the Kunstmuseum Bern (2017), Kunsthalle Rostock (2014) and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2012). Biskys works are part of the collection of the MoMA in New York.